Fall and Winter 2016 updates


We’ve been remiss about updating the lab webpage! Here are some notable updates from the past few months:

  1. Mary Rogalski joined the lab as a postdoc last fall. Mary came from Dave Skelly’s lab at Yale.
  2. Nina Wale also joined the lab as a new postdoc, starting in January. Nina comes from Andrew Read’s lab at Penn State.
  3. Meg had her baby! He was born in January and might be the world’s longest baby.
  4. Patrick Clay visited the lab for several months. Patrick is a student in Volker Rudolf’s lab at Rice. He is interested in coinfections, and has been working on a project with Meg, Kailash Dhir, and Mike Cortez. We really enjoyed having Patrick here and look forward to him visiting again in the future.
  5. Natalie Imirzian successfully defended her honors thesis! Many thanks to Nina Wale for mentoring her during the write up phase. Natalie will be starting grad school at Penn State in the fall, working in the lab of David Hughes.
  6. Ruby Siada presented a poster of her research at the UROP Research Symposium.
  7. Kailash Dhir was accepted to med school at Michigan State and is leaving our lab after three years. We’re very sorry to see her go!

Surely I’m forgetting some things, but at least some of the updates are now posted. Hopefully we’ll get back to updating things more frequently!

Field season is here!


Field season is here! We started field season early this year, to see what parasites we find in May and June. We’re almost through our round of June sampling, and then will move on to our normal July-November field season. We’ve had tons of rain here in Ann Arbor lately, but have been lucky not to have any fieldwork rained out yet.

Mill LakecPhoto: Mill Lake, Waterloo Rec Area, Michigan
(credit: Meghan Duffy)