Summer Research Opportunities!


UPDATE: This position has been filled.

Dr. Duffy is once again looking for two students from Cal State-Dominguez Hills to carry out research in her lab during Summer 2015. During summer 2014, two CSUDH students, Magen Prado and Alejandra Villalba, carried out research in the lab. Research in the Duffy Lab focuses on Daphnia-parasite interactions. Daphnia are very important members of freshwater food webs, and also are a great system for studying the ecology of infectious diseases. We will work with students to identify projects of mutual interest, but some possibilities include a project looking at how infection alters host feeding rate (we know that Daphnia often eat less when they’re sick, kind of like people!), effects of UV irradiation on parasite fitness (we know lakes vary a lot in how much UV penetrates, and wonder if this can explain patterns of disease that we see), and genetic structuring of parasite populations (are parasites more similar in different hosts in one lake, or in the same host across lakes?). Each of the two students will work closely with Duffy Lab members on the project, but will be expected to be fully involved in the project and write up a final report at the end of the summer. The students will definitely be involved in lab research, and will have the option of doing some fieldwork on local lakes, too. Students will be expected to be in residence in Ann Arbor for 10 weeks for the program. Each student will receive a $5000 stipend, plus will have housing and travel expenses covered. Interested? Email Dr. Duffy: duffymeg at umich dot edu


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