New AmNat paper on effects of invasive species on disease


Daphnia lumholtzi (upper left) and Daphnia dentifera (lower right). Photo by Bella Oleksy

We have a paper in the November issue of the American Naturalist! The lead author on the paper is former lab postdoc Catherine Searle, who is now an Assistant Professor at Purdue University. The paper is entitled, “Population Density, Not Host Competence, Drives Patterns of Disease in an Invaded Community“. The paper was the subject of a press release by UMich, entitled “Invasive Species May Unexpectedly Reduce Disease Prevalence“. The paper focuses on the potential impacts of the invasive species Daphnia lumholtzi on a native host (Daphnia dentifera) and a common native parasite (Metschnikowia bicuspidata).

In addition to Cat and Meg, the authors on the paper are Mike Cortez (our theory collaborator at Utah State) and other members of Meghan Duffy’s lab at the University of Michigan, including technicians Katherine Hunsberger and Isabella Oleksy (now a graduate student at Colorado State), graduate students Dylan Grippi (now at the US FDA) and Clara Shaw, and undergraduates Solanus de la Serna, Chloe Lash, and Kailash Dhir.


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