Meghan receives ASLO award & AAAS Fellowship


Meghan has been selected as the winner of the Association for the Study of Limnology & Oceanography (ASLO)’s Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award which “honors an aquatic scientist normally within 12 years of the completion of their terminal degree, for outstanding and balanced contributions to research, science training, and broader societal issues such as resource management, conservation, policy, and public education”. A writeup of Meghan’s selection can be found here.

Meghan also was recently named as a AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute Public Engagement Fellow for 2017-2018.  This article talks more about the fellowship, including giving this description:

The fellows have demonstrated leadership and excellence in their research careers, as well as an interest in promoting meaningful dialogue between science and society, according to AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the journal Science.

The new fellows will convene in June at AAAS headquarters in Washington, D.C., for a week of intensive public engagement and science communication training, networking and public engagement plan development.

When asked about the award, Meghan said “I’ve always thought that public engagement was important, but the current climate makes this work feel absolutely critical.”


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