Summer undergrads arrive!


This summer, we have four new undergrads joining the lab and, as of this week, everyone is here! Haniyeh Zamani joined us in May and is working with Katie M. on how recombination and the storage effect influences resistance of Daphnia populations. Justin Ramirez joined us this week and is working with Nina and Katie H. on projects related to a virulent bacterial parasite and to how food quality influences disease. Haniyeh and Justin are both UMich undergrads. Blenna Kiros joins us from Humboldt State and will be working with Mary on projects related to body size and disease risk. Harbria Gardner joins us from Florida A&M and will be working with Nina and Clara on projects related to pathogen diversity and how age influences disease risk. Blenna and Harbria are both taking part in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program and will officially start in the lab on Monday. Blenna, Haniyeh, Harbria, and Justin join Rebecca Bilich who is writing up her honors thesis on pathogen diversity and Morgan Rondinelli who is working on her honors thesis research related to the dilution effect. We’re excited to have such a great group of undergrads in the lab this summer!

We had a pizza party to celebrate the arrival of our summer undergrads and even remembered to get a lab photo. Becca and Katie H. weren’t able to make it, and Camden is off controlling and preventing diseases this summer*, but we got a photo of the rest of us!


Back row: Katie M., Clara, Blenna, Mary, Harbria, and Justin; Front row: Haniyeh, Kristel, Meghan, Nina, Morgan (missing: Becca, Camden, and Katie H.)

*Camden is doing an internship at the CDC this summer!


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