Welcome to postdocs Laura and Patrick!


We’re a little late in getting Patrick’s start announced, and very late for Laura’s, but on the principle of better late than never:

Dr. Laura Lopez started as a postdoc in August (I told you we’re late in getting this announced!) Laura is earned her PhD in 2017 from the University of Wollongong in Australia, where she worked with Andy Davis and Marian Wong. She then did an Australia Awards Endeavour postdoc at UC Davis, where she worked with Andy Sih. Laura is interested in behavioral ecology and natural enemy ecology, as well as the conservation of freshwater ecosystems. She’s working on projects at the interface of behavioral ecology, disease ecology, and predation.

Dr. Patrick Clay started as a postdoc in April (phew, we’re not so late in announcing his start!) Patrick just earned his PhD from Rice University, where he worked with Volker Rudolf (but also collaborated with the Duffy Lab!) Patrick is a disease ecologist who is especially interested in co-infections and in how processes that occur at the within host level scale to populations and communities.

We’re very excited to have both of them in the lab!

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