Farewell to Aniqa and Sun!


Aniqa and Sun both had their last days in the lab in July — we’re sad about them leaving and also excited about their new adventures!

Aniqa worked as an undergrad researcher in the lab beginning in Fall 2019 (in the before times!), working particularly closely with Kristel. (Fun fact: Aniqa also worked on fixing captions on Intro Bio videos during the 2020-2021 school year!) Aniqa will be starting an MS program in Physiology here at Michigan this fall.

Sun began as a postdoc in the lab in 2021, and to say that he hit the ground running would be an understatement! Sun did lots of fieldwork (and took gorgeous photos of our lakes!) and also carried out a series of lab experiments. Sun is now moving back to Taiwan where he will begin a faculty position at National Taiwan University. Check out his website!

A beautiful sunrise at Whitmore Lake (photo credit: Syuan-Jyun Sun)


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