Media & Outreach


We love doing public engagement in the Duffy Lab! This includes working with school groups, writing pieces for general audiences, talking to people interested in lakes, outreach at the Detroit Zoo, connecting with policy makers, talking to journalists, and more. We’ll put links to some of these activities on this page (see below).

If you’re interested in getting in touch with us regarding a possible outreach activity (e.g., if you are teacher or part of a lake home owner association), please write Meghan ( And, copying from the About page: Meghan is very interested in engaging with the public and is happy to talk to journalists and policy makers. She is currently a public engagement fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Her outreach activities include teaching classes to middle and high school students from Southeast Michigan. She also writes for and speaks to general audiences, and is happy to speak with reporters about issues related to ecology, the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, basic science (a.k.a. blue skies research), diversity in science, women in science, public engagement, and outreach.


Former Duffy Lab postdoc Catherine Searle leading a demonstration in the lab


April 2019:

  • PBS NewsHour featured our work! We’re really excited about how the piece turned out. Click here to learn more!

August 2018:

  • Meghan did an interview with PBS Newshour for their article on calls by scientists (including Leshner Fellows) for AAAS to address sexual harassment.

April 2018:

  • Meghan did an interview with Utah Public Radio. It’s a short piece related to Kristel’s work on how the diet Daphnia eat can influence whether they become infected, and on how this has unexpectedly led to a drug discovery project in the lab.

February 2018:

  • Clara and Katie M. planned and organized our lab’s FEMMES activity for their Saturday capstone. The activity focused on the impacts of climate change and acidification on aquatic organisms.

June 2017:

  1. Meghan was interviewed on Michigan Radio’s Stateside program about the value of basic research and the potential harms to American innovation of proposed budget cuts.

April 2017:

  1. Meghan speaks at the March for Science in Washington, DC.

March 2017:

  1. Duffy Lab leads another activity for 4th-6th grade girls from SE Michigan.
  2. Meghan had a piece appear in the journal Ensia about the extremely high costs of not having strong environmental protections.

November 2016:

  1. Duffy Lab leads outreach activity for 4th-6th grade girls from SE Michigan.

September 2016:

  1. Meghan goes on a tweetstorm about plankton!

(Note: we did outreach before this, too! We just haven’t linked to all the old stuff.)