Welcome, Khadijah!


We are very excited to have Khadijah Payne in the lab as a grad student! Khadijah is in her first year in the Frontiers Masters program. Khadijah is interested in aquatic ecology and thinks parasites are fascinating, so she fits in very well with our lab! Welcome, Khadijah!



Alliyah & Mia finish up their Doris Duke research in the lab


This summer, we once again hosted two Doris Duke scholars in the lab. We really enjoyed having Alliyah and Mia in the lab and are sorry that the program is over! Here are some pictures of them at work!


Mia harvesting algae in the lab (photo credit: Kristel Sanchez)


Alliyah measuring temperature and oxygen using the Hydrolab (photo credit: Clara Shaw)

And here they are presenting their research at the poster session. They did a great job!


Mia with her poster (photo credit: Katie Hunsberger)


Alliyah with her poster (photo credit: Katie Hunsberger)

Meghan & colleagues publish a piece on graduate student mental health in The Conversation


Meghan is spending her sabbatical working out of Michigan’s Office of Academic Innovation on a variety of topics, including student mental health. Today, a piece that Meghan wrote along with Carly Thanhouser (Academic Innovation) and Daniel Eisenberg (School of Public Health) appeared in The Conversation. Read it to find out what colleges must do to better support graduate student mental health!

Meghan receives John Dewey & Henry Russel Awards


The EEB webpage has a story about recent department promotions, including Meghan’s promotion to full professor, as well as about her receiving the 2018 John Dewey Award for her commitment to undergraduate education and the 2019 Henry Russel Award, which is “conferred annually to faculty members who have demonstrated an extraordinary record of accomplishment in scholarly research and/or creativity, as well as an excellent record of contributions as a teacher.”


McKenna receives ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship!


Many congratulations to McKenna Turrill, who has received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the American Society of Microbiology! McKenna is mentored by Nina Wale and will be working on a project focuses on the evolutionary role of pigment production in the bacterium Spirobacillus cienkowskii, which we often call “scarlet” in the lab based on its distinctive coloration.

McKenna is part of #teamspiro and is in the back row on the left in this picture:

photo of 7 people, 4 in the back, 3 in the front row, wearing the same shirt. The shirt says "Team Spiro" and has a bright reddish Daphnia on it.