The Duffy Lab


Most of the Summer 2018 Lab Folks. Back row: Bruce, Katie M., Mia, Katie H., Clara, McKenna Front row: Becca, Kristel, Alliyah, Justin, Haniyeh. Not in picture: Camden, Laura, Mary, Meghan, Nina

Principal Investigator


Meghan Duffy

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2006
Office: 3034 BSB
Phone: (734) 763-3658
Twitter: duffy_ma
Blog: Dynamic Ecology (link to Meghan’s posts)
Duffy CV

Research Interests: disease ecology, aquatic ecology, evolutionary ecology
Hobbies: running, reading, wrangling small children

Research Technician


Rebecca Bilich

B.S., University of Michigan, 2017
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: molecular genetics of infections in Daphnia; parasite adaptation to hosts

Postdoctoral Scientists


Laura Lopez

Ph.D., University of Wollongong, 2017
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: predator-prey interactions, behavioural responses to environmental stressors, invasive species
Hobbies: swimming, climbing, squash, playing violin, and quilting

Nina WDSC_9337.jpgale

Ph.D., Penn State University, 2016
Office: 3050F BSB
Twitter: @ninawaleEEB

Research Interests: evolution of virulence & drug resistance, predator-parasite interactions, evolutionary emergence of infectious diseases
Hobbies: traveling, moving fast on bikes or feet, enjoying music & spoken word, sports

Graduate Students

Camden Gocamden.jpgwler

PhD Candidate
B.S., Emory University, 2013
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: host-pathogen coevolution; dilution effect
Hobbies: running, reading, playing soccer, disease control and prevention


Katherine (Katie) McLean

PhD Student
B.S., Westminster College, 2016
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: coinfection dynamics, emergence of pathogens in novel host populations, evolution of virulence
Hobbies: reading, traveling, writing, collecting odd hobbies

Khadijah Payne

Frontiers Masters Student
B.S., Saint Augustine’s University, 2018
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: aquatic ecology, water quality, and disease ecology
Hobbies: photography, knitting, and playing basketball


Kristel Sánchez

PhD Student
M.S., University of Michigan, 2017
B.S., Florida International University 2014
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: aquatic chemical ecology and community ecology
Hobbies: biking, kayaking, snorkeling, painting
Languages: Spanish


Clara Shaw

PhD Candidate
B.A., Oberlin College, 2010
M.S., University of Mississippi, 2013
Office: 2012 BSB
Research Interests: effects of light on host and parasite interactions and genetic structure of parasite populations.
Hobbies: running, gardening, cooking, reading, playing violin, photographing her cat




Haley Essington

Major: Biology
Year: Sophomore
Current research project: impacts of UV on parasitism in Daphnia
Hobbies: hiking, kayaking, skiing, listening to music, creative writing

Claire Freimark

Current research project: Spirobacillus infections in Daphnia


Seeta Goyal

Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (with a minor in History)
Year: Junior
Current research project: culturing different phytoplankton species
Hobbies: photography, reading, baking, hiking, and sculpting clay

Zenani Kettle

Zenani Kettle

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN)
Year: Junior
Current research project: behavioral ecology of predator-host-parasite interactions
Hobbies: Reading, Research, Health and Fitness, Nature / walks / hikes,
Languages: proficient in Spanish, French, Sign Language



Enter a caption

Bruce O’Brien

Major: Kinesiology (Movement Science) and LSA (EEB)
Year: Senior
Current research project: virulence evolution, spore distributions in the environment
Hobbies: snowmobiling, ATV’s, taking my Siberian Husky Shelby on adventures


Justin Ramirez

Major: Public Health Sciences
Year: Junior
Current research project: population dynamics of virulent parasites
Hobbies: road tripping, exploring, reading, and baking


McKenna Turrill

Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Year: Senior
Current research project: virulence and color variation of Spirobacillus
Hobbies: running, horseback riding, traveling, baking, being outside and with friends and family


Karana Wickens

Major: Microbiology
Year: Junior
Current research project: chemical ecology of host-parasite interactions
Hobbies: running, reading, gardening, and spending time outside


Haniyeh Zamani

Major: Biology
Year: Senior
Current research project: the heritability of resistance and the impact of epidemics on host susceptibility
Hobbies: cooking, traveling, swimming, movies, and painting
Languages: Persian

Older Group Photos


Summer 2017


Summer 2016

Summer 2016, pretending to be Daphnia

DSC04762cWinter 2014

DSCN0504cSummer 2014


May 2014

ChristmasPhoto2013Winter 2013



Fall 2010


Fall 2008

Duffy Lab Alumni

Former Technicians:
Jessie Housley (2009-2013); now a small business owner in Atlanta
Katie Hunsberger (2013-2018); now a nursing student at Eastern Michigan
Bella Oleksy (2013-2014); currently a PhD student at Colorado State

Former Postdocs:
Stuart Auld (2011-2012), NERC Independent Research Fellow, University of Stirling, Scotland
Mary Rogalski (2015-2017), Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
Catherine Searle (2011-2014), Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Sara Thomas (2009-2010), Teacher, Marietta High School, Marietta, GA

Former Grad Students:
Rachel Penczykowski (2008-2013), PhD, Georgia Instititute of Technology; currently Assistant Professor, Washington University (St. Louis)
Dylan Grippi (2010-2014), MS, University of Michigan; currently Consumer Safety Officer, US Food & Drug Administration

Former Undergrads:
Abdurrahman Abdi (2015-2016)
Tamanna Ahmed (2010-2011; Honors Thesis, PURA recipient)
Amanda (Mandy) Bromilow (2012-2014), post-graduation position: graduate school at Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
Alison Burger (2011-2012)
Blake Christianson (2012)
Elisabeth Clark (REU, 2011)
Solanus de la Serna (2013-2015; UROP)
Derek Deraps (2008)
Kailash Dhir (2013-2016), currently Michigan State med school student
Aliruda El-Sayed (2017-2018)
Laura Geronimo (2008)
Seda Grigoryan (2010),post-graduation position: medical school
Rebecca Healy (REU, 2013)
Natalie Huch Hardegree (2008; PURA recipient),post-graduation position: sales rep for Fisher Scientific
Stephanie Hernandez (2010-2012, PURA recipient, REU), AmeriCorps FEMA Corps
Jessica Housley (undergrad: 2008-2009)
Zuri Hudson (2011-2012, REU), AmeriCorps FEMA Corps
Naomi Huntley (2016)
Natalie Imirzian (2015-2016; Biology Honors), currently Penn State grad student
Freddie Irizarry Delgado (REU, 2010)
Kristine Jansen (2010)
Katie Kenline (2009-2010), post-graduation position: physician assistant school
Chloe Lash (REU, 2013), currently graduate student at University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Susie Lee (2010)
Brian Lemanski (2012; REU)
Alan Longworth (2013-2015; UROP)
Julia Meng (2018)
Xavier Nelson (2016, Doris Duke Conservation Scholar), currently Brandeis undergrad
Mitch Nisbet (2013)
Magen Prado (REU 2014)
Abigail Reynolds (2009-2010; Honors Thesis, PURA recipient),post-graduation position: podiatry school
Morgan Rondinelli (2016-2018; Honors Thesis)
Stephanie Roskowski (2016-2017)
Kevin Rothstein (2011-2012); post-graduation position: graduate school, UC-Irvine
Bonnie Ann Sarrell (2009-2011), post-graduation position: medical school
Sierra Schmidt (2008; PURA recipient), post-graduation position: pharmacy school
Mat Sebastian (REU, 2011), post-graduation position: MD-PhD student
Sara Snell (2011-2012; Honors Thesis, PURA recipient), currently graduate student at UNC
Ruby Siada (2015-2016)
Zayani Sims (REU 2009), musician
Hema Sundar (2011-2012), post-graduation position: dental school
Katherine Uyesugi (2011-2012)
Karla van Rensburg (2009-2010; Honors Thesis), post-graduation position: medical school
Gabby Vargas (2016, Doris Duke Conservation Scholar), currently Wesleyan undergrad
Alejandra Villalba (REU 2014)
Cherise Washington (REU 2010, NIH RISE Fellow 2011)
Grace Wilkinson (REU 2009), currently Assistant Professor, Iowa State

Former Teacher:
Nikolai Curtis (RET 2009), Biology Teacher, Grady High School


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